Ecology, Site and Place – Piteå Performing Arts Biennial 2020

Piteå Performing Arts Biennial during Covid 19

The festival board hereby announces that the peer review process has been completed. We received a substantial amount of proposals, covering  a wide range of practices. 35 presentations were accepted and we look forward to hosting an event representing artistic and scientific practices across disciplinary boundaries and several continents.


Digital Pre Event October 26-27

At the same time, we have to inform that, given the current situation with the Covid 19 pandemic, we have had to move the biennial to March 2021. However, a pre event will be organized on October 26-27 2020. Here, all presenters who have been accepted for the original event are invited to make shorter online presentations. Further information will follow on this website.


Ecology, Site and Place

Piteå International Performing Arts Biennial 2021

March 22-31


Piteå Performing Arts Biennial seeks new formats for the performing arts to engage in societal issues. The first edition focuses on ecological perspectives, and further seeks engagement in questions related to site and place. A series of new productions of ecological sound art, site-specific arts projects, dance and theatre productions, intermedia arts projects, film and video screenings will be presented. The Biennial also invites to a conversation between arts and science.


Piteå is a small town in the very north of Sweden. It hosts a campus from Luleå University of Technology, the most Northern university of technology in the world. Here, Piteå School of music holds an international position as a hub for interdisciplinary research in the arts and beyond, an environment which also includes the unique facilities of Studio Acusticum, Dans i Nord and Norrbottensmusiken with the contemporary music ensemble Norrbotten NEO, Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra, Piteå Chamber Opera and the two youth activities Norrbotten Youth Orchestra and the girl choir Arctic Light. As one of northern Europe’s most advanced concert halls, Studio Acusticum aims to provide ideal conditions for live concerts and audiovisual recording. Studio Acusticum also houses Luleå University of Technology’s organ (the Acusticum Organ by Gerald Woehl) for concerts, instruction and research. The combined resources of these institutions constitute an infrastructure for presentations of sound art, film, choreography, theatre, performance, installations and music.


We now welcome proposals to a peer-reviewed symposium that challenges the format of the scientific conference, and explores new formats for the communication of scientific results. Contributions may be in artistic form (we welcome presentations of installations, film, and performances in a wide range from music to theatre and choreography, and of course, intermedia work), traditional conference papers, or in a format that combines the two. Proposals for workshops and other interactive formats are also encouraged.


Piteå Performing Arts Biennial is organized by Piteå School of music, Studio Acusticum, Norrbottensmusiken and Dans i Nord, in collaboration with Kluster, Pitebygdens musikförbund, Piteå Konsthall and Regionbiblioteket. Produced with  support from Statens Musikverk.


For more information, please contact: Prof. Stefan Östersjö, LTU,